Divine Design Homescapes are here to be your guide in bringing your interior design vision to life!

From subtle changes that can enrich, enhance and add value to your home or work environment, or a blank canvas that encompasses a new build or an extensive renovation.

Services also include Senior & Disability Design as well as a multitude of other services within the scope of Interior & Exterior Design.

Divine Design Homescapes specialises in  interior & exterior design for your home and business, that reflects the Queensland lifestyle

From subtle changes that can enrich and add value to your home or work environment, or a blank canvas that encompasses a new build or an extensive renovation. We are here to guide you in bringing your vision to life.

We specialise in:  interior / exterior design • colour consultation and paint specifying    lighting design  •  specialists in timber and other building products and applications •  property pre-sale 

What our services mean to you

Trust • Teamwork • Result

It is not about imposing our ideas onto a client. It is about making a 
100% commitment to the project, while working together with you 
to create your wonderful vision.
It is about utilising our vast industry knowledge to ensure not only your 
space is comfortable but is also functional.
Even though the design is key , it is also about being mindful of the inclusions that are low impact to your health and does not pose a risk to our precious environment.

Divine Design Homescapes

It's more than being creative...

...It is working with the client to conceive the design while being mindful of the budget. 
The project's requirements are then put into place with detailed floor and elevation plans, 3D renders, the compilation of style boards showing colours, materials and hardware.
Formulating the breakdown of costs for the required trades, services and materials.
Overseeing the project while keeping the client updated at every stage of the project as the vision becomes a reality.

We work with Architects, Developers, Builders, Engineers and the general public.

The size of a project is not paramount...

...It's the result!

Exterior Design

Incorporating Sun Safety

When it comes to lifestyle, outdoors is just as important as indoors. That is why we encompass both Interior and Exterior Design to our scope of works portfolio. 
Lets face it, in Queensland we have many great days and nights to enjoy our surroundings, no matter how much space we have available.
Theming your outdoor space is an awesome way to express your lifestyle desires.  

In addition to our exterior portfolio we have now teamed up with UV Umbrellas to add that sun safe aspect to our business. We now have available a vast range of umbrellas that are manufactured to commercial quality with generous warranties. For more information head to our contact page and send us your contact details and we will be happy to assist you further.

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It's more than just a space!